About Revodana Publishing

Celebrating Heritage Dogs

At Revodana Publishing, our focus is dog books written by experts and fanciers who have a deep and time-forged understanding of their subject matter. We strive to foster a connoisseurship and appreciation of purebred dogs, all the while preserving the tremendous but quickly eroding body of knowledge about the evolution, breeding and preservation of these heritage breeds.

All our breed books are unrelentingly breed specific. We don’t do generic.

Revodana Publishing was founded in 2014 by Denise Flaim. Her involvement in purebred dogs began in 1998, when she acquired her first Rhodesian Ridgeback. As she began showing and breeding her dogs, her interest in all aspects of purebred dogs widened.

A long-time journalist, Denise was an editor and columnist at the Pulitzer Prize-winning metropolitan newspaper Newsday for two decades before leaving the newsroom to publish niche dog magazines. Denise co-published three award-winning magazines for the dog fancy – Sighthound Review, The Ridgeback Register and Modern Molosser, which she has transformed into a cutting-edge digital magazine and app.

Manuscript inquiries and submissions are always welcome.

Please email publisher@revodanapublishing.com, or call 516-509-5214.