Exploring the Tibetan Mastiff: A Love Letter in Photographs

By Sanna Sander

Talented photographer and Tibetan Mastiff enthusiast Sanna Sander offers a visual tour of the breed, capturing its nobility and ancient bearing.

Coming November 2018

A Most Celebrated Breed: The Art of the French Bulldog

By Gary Bachman

In a lush tabletop book, respected French Bulldog collector and historian Gary Bachman shares a treasure trove of Frenchie art and collectibles.

Coming December 2018

The Definitive Brussels Griffon

The Definitive Brussels Griffon

By Jeff Bazell and Jeff Kestner

As its title clearly indicates, everything you could possibly need to know about the Brussels Griffon, from its history and development to the intricacies of breed type.

Coming March 2019

Take Note of the Hound Standards

By Denise Flaim (editor)

Experts in 34 Hounds, from Afghan Hounds to Whippets, offer invaluable elaborations on their respective breed standards.

Coming June 2019

The Scottish Deerhound: Its History and Preservation

By Barbara Heidenreich and Richard Hawkins

Barbara Heidenreich and Richard Hawkins illuminate the history of the Scottish Deerhound and how it should inspire a functional type in the future.

Coming June 2019