The Afghan Hound: Conversations with the Breed’s Pioneers

Francine Reisman (editor) (328 pages)

Hardcover $74.99 $65.00

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Edited by Francine Reisman


“The Afghan Hound: Conversations with the Breed’s Pioneers “ is a gorgeous hard-bound collection of celebrated interviews with the world’s most successful and respected Afghan Hound breeders and fanciers.


Featuring Kay Finch (Crown Crest), Jay Ammon (Ammon Hall), Lois Boardman (Akaba), Frank Sabella, Ned and Sue Kauffman (Holly Hill), Sunny Shay (Grandeur), Ellsworth Gamble, Virginia Burch (El Kevir), Dr. William Moore III (Moornistan), David Roche (Fermoy), Conni Miller (High Life), Lt. Col.Wallace Pedé (Scheherezade), Judy Fellton (Mandith), Cynthia Guzevich (Joh-Cyn), Johannah Kench Owen (Riverside), Reigh Abram (Dureigh), Robert and Ruth Tongren (ben ghaZi), Eta Pauptit (van de Orange Manege) and Allan Brooks (Bondor).


Chances are these names are in your dog’s pedigree … now add them to your bookshelf!


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