Little Kids and 100 Big Dogs

Andy Seliverstoff (396 pages)

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This stunning 396-page hardcover contains hundreds of Andy Seliverstoff’s most beloved and striking images.

“Little Kids and 100 Big Dogs” tweaks the idea of an encyclopedia and solves an almost impossible task – making a compendium about dog breeds that is interesting and colorful. In this fascinating reference book – which is based on photographs from Andy’s celebrated three-volume “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” series – dogs are not soulless sets of historical facts and disembodied traits, but lively beings with bright and unique characteristics.

The work on this book, which took four years, turned into a living project with a huge body of admirers. Thousands of followers on social-media networks kept up with its progress, celebrating its unique communication between children and dogs.

“Little Kids and 100 Big Dogs” highlights 100 of some of the largest breeds in the world, including some very rare ones. (Some smaller breeds are also included, because of their outsized personalities: In their minds, they tower over the greatest Dane.)

Books have always been a link between time and space. They make it possible to travel, immersing readers in new secrets and new realities. When readers close this encyclopedia, turning the last pages of its journey with heroes both small and large, these stories will have already become a part of their lives. Perhaps some breeds will remain just a compilation of facts and figures, but it’s our hope some bright images will suddenly appear in a corner of your consciousness, and your soul filled with warmth, feeling itself a part of the universe in which little kids and their big dogs live – the heroes of “the kindest book about big dogs.”

Breeds included are the Afghan Hound; Airedale Terrier; Akita Inu; Alaskan Malamute; American Akita; American Bulldog; American Pit Bull Terrier; American Staffordshire Terrier; Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Shepherd; Azawakh; Basset Hound; Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound; Beauceron; Belgian Shepherd Dog;Berger Picard; Bernese Mountain Dog; Black Russian Terrier; Bloodhound; Boerboel; Borzoi; Bracco Italiano; Briard; Bull Terrier; Bulldog; Bullmastiff; Ca de Bou; Cane Corso; Caucasian Shepherd Dog; Central Asian Shepherd Dog; Chinese Shar-Pei; Chongqing Dog; Rough Collie; Smooth Collie; Czechoslovakian Wolfdog; Dalmatian; Doberman Pincher; Dogo Argentino; Dogue de Bordeaux; Dutch Shepherd Dog; East European Shepherd; English Setter; English Springer Spaniel; Fila Brasileiro; Finnish Lapphund; Flat-Coated Retriever; German Shepherd Dog; German Shorthaired Pointer; German Wirehaired Pointer; Giant Schnauzer; Golden Retriever; Gordon Setter; Great Dane; Great Pyrenees; Greyhound; Hortaya Borzaya; Hovawart; Ibizan Hound; Irish Setter; Irish Wolfhound; Kangal Shepherd Dog; Keeshond; Kerry Blue Terrier; Komondor; Labrador Retriever; Leonberger; Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog; Mastiff; Moscow Watchdog; Neapolitan Mastiff; Newfoundland; Norwegian Elkhound; Old English Sheepdog; Peruvian Inca Orchid; Pharaoh Hound; Pointer; Poodle; Portuguese Water Dog; Presa Canario; Rhodesian Ridgeback; Rottweiler; Saluki; Samoyed; Siberian Husky; Skye Terrier; Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier; South Russian Shepherd Dog; Spanish Mastiff; St. Bernard; Tatra Shepherd Dog; Thai Ridgeback; Tibetan Mastiff; Tosa Inu; Vizsla; Weimaraner; Welsh Springer Spaniel; Whippet; White Swiss Shepherd Dog; Xoloitzcuintle, and Yakutian Laika.

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