My Life With Boxers

Friederun von Miriam-Stockmann (322 pages)

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These two facts are absolutely true:

The Boxer breed as we know it today would not exist without the efforts of Friederun von Miriam-Stockmann.


If you love Boxers, you must own a copy of “My Life With Boxers,” written by that mother of the Boxer breed herself.

This hard-cover, 322-page book, expertly translated from the original German and accompanied by Stockmann’s own sketches, tells the fascinating story of Stockmann’s battle to preserve her beloved breed, in her own eloquent words. It contains more than 70 additional pages of the great Boxer breeder’s writings that have never before been published in English.

Devotedly, incredibly, for more than 60 years, and through two world wars, Friederun Stockmann nurtured the Boxer and her world-famous vom Dom line, creating a template for the modern Boxer. No other breeder has had such a great influence on the Boxer as she did in her long life. Her Boxers are the foundation of the gene pool in every country in the world.

But Stockmann’s story is also one of great hardships and sacrifices. In the face of unspeakable wartime shortages and deprivation, and against great odds, she kept her family and Boxer breeding program alive. We defy you to read her account of selling her beloved Lustig vom Dom to an American buyer in order to survive the coming war — as he stares out at the crate at her, leash in his mouth, eyes pleading — without shedding a tear.

Yet even in the most difficult times, Stockmann was able to find humor and pleasure in her “Life with Boxers.” And some of her most memorable stories come out of the hardest times in her life.

This definitive edition of “My Life with Boxers” has long been out of print, and when available, sells for as much as $100. HOWEVER, we have obtained OLD STOCK copies of the books that have never been removed from the original printer’s boxes when they were first packaged in 1999.

The absolute perfect gift for the Boxer lover in your life.

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