Little Kids and Their Big Dogs Three-Book Set!

Andy Seliverstoff (132 pages)

Hardcover Original price was: $119.97.Current price is: $99.99.

Please tell us the special message you would like custom-printed in the front of each book.
Please indicate if you want the same message in all three books, or a different one in each.
Be sure to spell all names and words exactly as you want them printed.
U.S. customers, please allow 4 weeks for delivery, though books typically ship much sooner; non-U.S. customers, please allow 6 weeks.


Three’s company! Order all three volumes of “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs,” and get a 25% discount!

A $119.97 value for only $89.99.


Due to supply-chain disruption orders, please allow four to six weeks for delivery on both personalized and non-personalized books.


Personalize your books with a special message!

Just $4.99 per book. Have the same message in each book, or individualize each one!



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