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November 30 2015

You might think it’s a stretch to come up with a hundred memorable moments about anything, much less a breed of dog.

But once we got rolling, our “100 Memorable Rhodesian Ridgeback Moments” book came together quite effortlessly.

Sure, a handful of the moments might be easy to guess, like the obvious “firsts” — the first written reference to the breed, the first South African champion, the first dogs to arrive in America.

But others are special , intimate moments known only to those who are really in tune to the breed around the globe, like the re-introduction of Ridgebacks at Kruger National Park. Once, Ridgebacks hunted and coursed wild game on that land; today, they accompany and protect the rangers whose sworn duty is to safeguard it.

Scotty Stewart of South Africa, who was instrumental in overcoming hurdles and placing the dogs in the park, took incredible footage of the Ridgebacks in their native environment, helping with the stewardship of African game in the wildlife sanctuary. Below is a short excerpt. If you didn’t think it possible for a Ridgeback to “herd” an elephant … think again!






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