The Definitive Brussels Griffon

Jeffery Bazell and Jeffrey Kestner (650 pages)

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As its title makes clear, The Definitive Brussels Griffon is the most comprehensive work you will find about this “darling of the small-dog set.” Authors Jeffery Bazell and Jeffrey Kestner of the internationally renowned St Johns kennel have left no stone unturned in their quest to document every aspect of this impossibly charming breed.

As a result of their exhaustive research, The Definitive Brussels Griffon lays out, for perhaps the first time, the real history of the Griffon, debunking many old wives’ tales about how the breed was developed and popularized. Emerging from humble beginnings, this appealingly snub-faced lap dog with the human expression has captivated generations of dog lovers for well over a century. And the breed’s own story is just as mesmerizing, encapsulating some of society’s most hot-button subjects — namely, sex, religion and politics.

There is virtually no aspect of the Brussels Griffon that goes unexplored in these richly illustrated pages, from art and culture to breeding and husbandry, as well as practical advice about living with Griffons. 

Meticulously researched and passionately written, The Definitive Brussels Griffon is a must-read for anyone who has fallen under the spell of this indescribably unique breed.

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