Exploring the Tibetan Mastiff

Sanna Sander (200 pages)

Hardcover $54.99 $49.99


This ruggedly beautiful breed from the Rooftop of the World has found admirers around the globe, but has never relinquished its primitive nature. “Tibetan Mastiffs always walk their own path,” explains Swedish photographer Sanna Sander. “And if we are lucky, we get to walk beside them for a short time.”
Over the past decade, Sander has done just that, photographing these awe-inspiring canines from four continents and sixteen countries in moments both serious and silly, and everything in between. Exploring the Tibetan Mastiff presents the breed in all its complexity and, oftentimes, contradiction — ferocious guardian, unrepentant jokester, unwavering loyalist and gentle nanny.


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