Little Kids and Their Big Dogs, Volume 2

Andy Seliverstoff (132 pages)
Estimated Shipping Date 21/02/2017

Hardcover $39.99

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Kindle Edition

Photographer Andy Seliverstoff is at it again, with a completely new volume of his signature photographs of big dogs and the little kids who love them.

This new volume has the same gorgeous-quality paper and printing as the first “Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” book, which earned rave reviews for its “magical” compositions of little two-leggers and super-sized four-leggers. Volume two contains many new breeds, including Akitas, America Bernese Mountain Dogs, Borzois, Bulldogs, Bullmastiffs, Cane Corsos, German Shepherds and many, many more.

Books will ship in October 2017, in plenty of time for the holiday season.


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