Little Kids and Their Big Dogs, Volume 1

Andy Seliverstoff (132 pages)

Hardcover $39.99

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The book that started it all!

From hugely popular photographer Andy Seliverstoff of St. Petersburg, Russia, comes this utterly charming collection of just what the title says — little kids and the big dogs they love.

Through the prism of Seliverstoff’s magic lens, impossibly big dogs (Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds, Tibetan Mastiffs, to name a few) and some rare ones (like Komondorok and Bracchi Italiani) telegraph the special relationships they have with the children in their lives.

“Little Kids and Their Big Dogs” is the perfect gift for anyone who loves kids, or dogs, or both. Lushly printed, the book offers page after page of beautiful photos, all of them evoking the magical connection between our two very different species, what Andy calls “endless joy and mutual confidence.”

The book has one overwhelming message, he adds, and it’s simply this: “Love for children and dogs makes people kinder.” Now more than ever, we all need to make room for kindness.


“You’ll never see anything as adorable as these little kids with big dogs.”Buzzfeed

“Outrageously precious.” —

“Nothing short of magical.” —

“We love the magical photos in ‘Little Kid and Their Big Dogs.'” —


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